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Our work seeks to answer three interlocking questions:

1.   How do we support Ukraine’s accession to the European Union?


  • How does Ukraine renew the Union and become a source of stability?
  • How do we rebuild the country and overcome the political, economic, and financial obstacles to membership?
  • How do we deepen public support across the Union for Ukraine’s membership?

2.   How do we strengthen European democracy?


  • How do we deepen the legitimacy of the Union’s institutions at a time of growing extremism?
  • How do we defend the rule of law, reinvigorate the free press, and combat disinformation in the age of AI?
  • How do we reconcile technological change with social cohesion and cultural identity?

3.   How do we define Europe’s place in the world?


  • How does the Union manage relations with its neighbours and live alongside Russia?
  • How do we project the Union’s values in a fragmented world?
  • How do we work with democratic movements on other continents?

Name of the entity: The Centre for a European Future
Address: Rue des Poissonniers 13, 1000 Bruxelles
Company number: 794.727.829
Register of Legal Entities (RPR): Dutch-speaking Brussels Business Court

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