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We are a new, independent think-tank.

We contribute to public debate, propose new ideas, and campaign for what we believe in.

We advance the values of a free and fair democracy, which begins with the dignity of every human life and the rule of law that protects our individual rights; a commitment to the common good that allows us to live together, respectful of our differences; and a pursuit of the truth that strengthens our public institutions.

We work with people across Europe and North America – democratic movements, social partners, businesses, academics, writers, and artists – who support the people of Ukraine on their path to the European Union.

We take no funding from any government.

We look for partnerships with like-minded organisations who share our vision and values. We apply for public grants and welcome donations from individuals and corporations.

Our ideas and proposals come from the free debate between our researchers.

Our People

Jonathan Hill,


APCO Worldwide,

Name of the entity: The Centre for a European Future
Address: Rue des Poissonniers 13, 1000 Bruxelles
Company number: 794.727.829
Register of Legal Entities (RPR): Dutch-speaking Brussels Business Court

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